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Alexander Parij

Software Developer

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Professional Profile

Outstanding software developer with over six years of professional experience. I am receptive to new ideas and willing to be involved in a wide range of projects. Although professionally I'm working as a software developer, my educational background includes physics and mathematics. I improve these skills and knowledge by continuously self-educating myself outside of work, for example by taking Coursera courses. I mostly develop back-end parts of the projects I'm involved with occasional work on UI. I have very strong interest in machine learning and spend significant amount of my free time playing and learning with the different technologies in the field.

Work Experience

May 2013 - Nov 2013

Software Developer

Outbox Technologies, Full-Time

  • Working on Python backend services for e-ticketing platform. Turbogears and CherryPy webframeworks with MSSQL as db.
  • Javascript/Jquery UI for point of sales and websites for ticketing. Genshi templating
  • 60% Python, 25% Javascript/Jquery, 5% Genshi , 10% SQL/MSSQL

Jul 2012 - Apr 2013

Software Developer

Datacratic, Full-Time

  • Taking machine learning prototypes from the research team and building a customer facing product. Mostly Python, NodeJS tech.
  • Designing and building REST API layers using Python Bottle web framework to support front-end development.
  • Building data pipelines (mostly in python) from client into machine learning systems and back to 3rd party apis.
  • Building UIs in Javascript/Coffeescript.
  • Refactoring and improving back-end services built in NodeJs and C++
  • 50% Python, 30% NodeJS/Coffeescript, 10% SQL/SQLAlchemy, 10% Other

Apr 2009 - Jul 2012

Senior Software Developer

Wordstream, Full-Time Remote from Montreal to Boston

  • Early stage start-up, development of SaaS product, work on UI in Flex/Javascript and Python back-end.
  • Build projects entirely from ground up in a team or solo. Starting from a database design, Python algorithms and JQuery/Flex UIs.
  • Developed back-end services that integrated Adwords, Bing/Adcenter and Paypal data heavy apis.
  • Build network communications heavy components using Eventlets for non blocking IO. Rest API/AMF methods for client/server communications.
  • Design and optimization of PostgreSQL and SQLite databases.Used SQLAlchemy as ORM layer
  • 60% Python, 20% Adobe Flex/JQuery, 10% SQL/SQLAlchemy, 10% Other

Nov 2007 - Dec 2008

Software Developer

Coradiant, Full-Time

  • Built Flex dashboard components (widgets) using Flex charting engine and third party maps library. Utilized Cairngorm and FlexUnit frameworks. Extended Flex components to achieve closer result to the designer's prototype.
  • Improved the UI experience of existing Flex application by incorporation innovative ideas of RIA UI.
  • Using Java wrote RESTfull services for the platform team for SNMP and SMTP communication.
  • Built traditional Java web application using JSF and Jboss Richfaces with Java middleware. Utilized latest Ajax technologies to provide better experience. Extended existing JSF components to provide clean and strict generated HTML markup to ease designer's CSS work.
  • 40% Adobe Flex, 30% Java, 20% JSF/RichFaces/Javascript, 10% Other

Technical Skills

Expert, 4 years


Full stack , rest API. SQLAlchemy ORM

Advanced, 4 years


Built Flex UI for a SaaS product.

Flex dashboards

Intermediate 3 year

SQL, Databases,

Design and optimization of SQlite and PostgreSQL databases

SQLAlchemy ORM when needed

Intermediate, 1 year


NodeJS backend , using Coffescript

UI using JQuery


Coursera, online 2012

Machine Learning course

Overall grade of 96%.

York University, Toronto 2002-2007

Honors Double Major, Computer Science & Physics

Physics, mathematics and computer science courses.

University of Crete ,Greece, Institute of Computer Science (FORTH-ICS) 2006

Summer School in Biomimetic Robotics, Computer Science

Foreign exchange student.

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